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23 Oct 2012
A.Shilov_"RUSSIAN FOLK SONGS"_Soundboard Vol. XXXII, no. 3-4, 2007 (USA)
This is a review of my book of "Russian Folk Songs" (published in Italy) written by David Grimes in SOUNDBOARD Vol. XXXII, no. 3-4, 2007 (USA)

Soundboard Vol. XXXII, no. 3-4, 2007

Rome: VP Music Media, 2002. [VPMM3211] 13pp
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In this collection of seven Russian folk songs, several will be
familiar to almost everyone. They are memorable melodies that stay in the ear long after each hearing. The settings here are very straightforward and mostly fingerboard friendly, suitable for intermediate players. All but the first two are presented in variation form, but the variations merelv repeat the principal tune with different textures—tremolo, arpeggio accompaniment, harmonics, etc., all in primary harmonies. There is no attempt to develop the variations beyond this most basic concept, but these would be just dandy for gigs and for
recreational playing
. (David Grimes)



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