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24 окт 2012
A.Shilov_OLD RUSSIAN ROMANCES_ MUSIC REVIEW_Classical Guitar Magazine_November 2006 (United Kingdom)
This is a review of my book of "OLD RUSSIAN ROMANCES" (published in Italy) written by Chris Dumigan in Classical Guitar Magazine in November 2006 (United Kingdom).


Classical Guitar Magazine
November 2006
(United Kingdom)

Arranged for guitar
by Andey Shilov
VP Music Media. 18pp
Here is unusual and interesting collection of old Russian tunes each with its own little tale as described in the one-page Preface. There are 15 little miniatures. 12 written by composers previously unknown to me and three by good old Mr Anon.
The standard of difficulty is medium throughout. None are very difficult and yet the music is always interestingly harmonized in a friendly way. Nearly all of them are in 3/4 so anyone who loves the waltz rhythm on the guitar would immediately take to this little set. I imagine one could even programme a small number of them in sequence to make a satisfying and substantial concert work.
I find no need to single out any of them as they are charmingly done and none of them, happily, are lightweight. So this is therefore a quality publication with some diverse and fun music nicely arranged, and well printed. (Chris Dumigan).



30 окт 2012
Yes friend Marco, I'm going to publish these and many others of my books here on Musicaneo. I'll do it very soon.
Best regards!
Marco Lorenzi
30 окт 2012
Hello Andrey. I am highly interested in your collections of russian folk songs and old russian romances. I think it is very valuable materials. Are you going to publish your works on Musicaneo?

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